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Buenos Aires is one of the most appreciated cities in Latin America. We have a double goal to achieve. Give landlords the best income and tenants an affordable rent in this post-crisis. This does not prevent luxury and diversity. We have divided in three the commissions charged for our services. We have not forgotten the tourists who want to travel through Argentina. We will propose itineraries and lodgings in different places. Lastly, we consider important that students may have access to a decent lodging during their stay. Don´t hesitate to contact us.

Good morning Patrick, good morning Laurent, alter BuyinBa you surprise us with BedinBa.
Patrick : BuyinBa is best suited for customers primarily anglo-saxon who have understood that we work with all the real estate agencies with only one difference, that we look for what best suits our client among all the properties that are offered without having to promote a  particular stock that we refuse to have.  Going back to BedinBa , Laurent helped me construct the data base that allows our clients to see on real time how their appartment is administered, how much money they have available in their account, etc. We integrated a module for appartments leased through agencies dealing with temporary rentals.
Laurent : Looking at the figures, I quickly realised that the agencies obtained similar revenues to those of the landlords, or even higher and this  shocked me specially now when the charges are very high and increase all the time, telephone bills, internet, utilities, community charges and the tennants look for cheaper rentals.

BedinBa solves this problem ?
Patrick : We hope so.  We decided to lower the commissions generally applied by our competitors in half and even to one third in certain cases.
Laurent : However, this will not result in having a cheaper offer.    We do not Intend. to make dumping vis-à-vis our competitors.  The result will be a better turnover of the capital invested by the owners.

Then no dumping for the tennants but for the owners; this will not earn you the sympathy of your competitors.

Patrick : BedinBa is open to everyone. If our competitos wish to register the property they have to lease, they are welcome to do so.
Laurent : We will only charge a minimum commission.  In exchange, the owners of the property will be able to access and visualise their account on our data base on real time.

How do you think temporary rentals will evolve ?

Patrick : We are trying to make the owners realise the advantage of renting for longer periods of time,  from 6 months or one year which is also temporary rental.  When you rent for shorter periods, it is rare that the property is occupied for more than 6 months per year.  To administer very short term rentals is expensive and the house keeping is difficult to program and therefore expensive.  Nevertheless, we do not reject any temporary rental because several of our customers come to Buenos Aires every now and then and look forward to stay at their own appartment during these holidays.  For them, it is an excellent solution.
Laurent : There are many students who come for a short term stage at a company.  That is the kind of customer we are interested in and I will go and visit the companies that  hire this type of work-force.

With regards to the site itself?

Patrick : I leave this to  Laurent,  He is the main artisan.  I just wish to tell our BuyinBa clients that both data bases, BuyinBa et BedinBa’s  work together  which is a great advantage.
Laurent : There are many innovative things that you will not find anywhere else.  Firstly, the administration is made automatically, the contracts are issued, the receipts, and everything that involves the administration of a temporary rental is included. That is one of the reasons why we can lower our commissions.  We have also been able to calculate the rental price on the site, including all the ancilliary services, for example if there is  a check-in at 3 a.m or a  check-out late at night, the system calculates how much the whole package will cost.  Also, the rate of exchange of  €uro/dollars is done automatically at the daily rate of exchange.  That is one of the reasons why I think that the small rental agencies would have an advantage if they work with BedinBa.  In the provinces, things are different.  He have received a very positive reaction from travel agencies who include this type of service among their activities.

What can we wish for  BedinBa ?

Patrick : That many owners join us.  We have only just began and most of our appartments are  rented.
Laurent : We are also looking for appartments in the whole country.  We cannot limit ourselves to Buenos Aires for tourists.  I have designed a trip plan throughout the country and we will try to find the necessary to offer to our passengers travelling through the country.

Thank you, anything else to conclude?
Patrick : Yes, it is important to add that Laurent and I have been living in Buenos Aires for several years.  I myself for 15 years and that we both own property.  We did not come to Argentina for adventure and we do not look for it.  It simply occured to us that we could share our knowledge and our experience with our clients so that we can both make a profit.  
We are not a listed telephone number and we will gladly receive our clients for a cup of coffee at home.

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